Bigcommerce website design for Monument Vineyard

Monument Vineyard homepage
Monument Vineyard approached Sauce Design with a not uncommon problem. They had an existing logo, website, and wine labels that had all been created by different providers. None of the materials looked as though they belonged to each other. Monument wanted to create a consistent and coherent visual identity across their print and online materials.

As they weren’t that happy with their current website design, and it didn’t offer a fully functional option for online purchase, Sauce offered to create custom template design and setup for a Bigcommerce store. A custom homepage, plain page layout and store layouts were designed and implemented. The design includes a stone block background, inspired by the old sandstone monument [that stands on the corner of the vineyard signifying the place where Major Sir Thomas Livingston Mitchell began his explorations of South East Australia] that forms vineyard’s logo. Later, the design was carried across to a DL card.

Monument-Vineyard-storeMonument-Vineyard-pageMonument Vineyard DL card