CEF Uni Survival Guide


CEF-Uni-Survival-Guide-section-coversThe Country Education Foundation have devisedĀ a University Survival Guide for rural and regional students to help make the transition of moving away from home just that little bit easier. The guide is available as a PDF download from the CEF website. We created engaging ‘prepper’ graphics, and eye-catching design for the guide itself and print and web advert layouts.

CEF-Uni-Survival-Guide-web-buttons CEF-Uni-Survival-Guide-section-layout CEF-Uni-Survival-Guide-print-advert

3 thoughts on “CEF Uni Survival Guide

  1. Lisa Maxey commented on

    Thank you Sauce for your great work and flexibility. The combination of a tight deadline across the Dec/Jan period made for an time, but you continued to come up with what was needed to jump every hurdle. Hopefully the rural and regional kids having to re-locate to make their next step after high school will benefit from our combined work.

  2. Kira commented on

    Thanks Lisa, Kate, Henrietta and Jane, it was a pleasure to work on this project !

  3. Henrietta commented on

    You guys are legends!

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