Orange Civic Theatre 2010 Subscription Season Launch

Orange Civic Theatre 2010 Subscription Season LaunchTuesday 8 December saw Orange Civic Theatre invite patrons to the launch of the 2010 Subscription Season, which is to be the largest program of events yet. So large in fact that the season is divided into two programs – one adult and one children’s selection.

Sauce Design again created the look and feel for the new season, the theme being ‘your ticket to a world of experiences’. Rich textures and a bright and engaging colour palette convey the huge variety of cultural encounters available throughout the next 12 months.

A crowd of hundreds turned out to take a peek at what’s in store, including one conspicuous character who caused quite a stir… Sauce of course were there to celebrate the launch and the completion of another of our favourite projects, and we came face to face with a Gruffalo in the process.

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