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A brief guide to the design brief

Need help writing your design brief? Download our Design Brief Guide.

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Almost everything you ever wanted to know about Search Engine Optimisation

A little more in-depth yet simple-to-understand information on best practices for SEO. Optimise your site for search engines and users alike!

A great place to start is Google’s own guidelines for best practices to help Google find, crawl, and index your site.

Or you might like to find out just how Google search works.

You can download Google’s own search engine optimization starter guide.

You can also download this handy guide to using your All in One SEO Pack plugin – SEO Tips Ebook by Michael Torbert.


Print Specifications / Standard Print Sizes

A Series Paper

4A01682 × 2378
2A01189 × 1682
A0841 × 1189
A1594 × 841
A2420 × 594
A3297 × 420
A4210 × 297
A5148 × 210
A6105 × 148

Other Standard Print Sizes

ItemFinished Dimensions
DL card / flyer98-100 x 210
Business card55 x 90
Business card [slim]45 x 90
6 panel DL Brochure [A4 folded twice]99 x 210

Standard Envelope Sizes

FormatSizeContent Format
DL110 x 220A4 folded twice = 1/3 A4
C6114 x 162A4 folded twice = 1/4 A4
C5162 x 229A4 folded once = A5
C4229 x 324A4
C3324 × 458A3